What We Do

The Correctional Rehabilitation (CoRe) Services, LLC is a consulting and training company.  We work to develop and implement research-based practices in corrections and mental health.  Our services are intended to support agencies as they help their clients make pro-social changes. 

Who We Are

Founded by Jennifer D. Luther, CoRe Services represents a group of highly effective researchers, and practitioners with a wealth of experience working around the world to assist agencies implement best practices with fidelity in real-world settings. 

Understanding that change is the only constant, we recognize that it is not whether or not people can change, but whether or not we can direct that change in meaningful and positives ways.  We are confident we can.

We believe that you can only teach empathy from a place of empathy.  You cannot ‘mean’ someone into kindness.  You cannot force someone to be more compassionate.  People are shaped through their experiences of the world and within corrections we have an incredible ability to impact an individual’s experiences. 

We believe that the system is broken, and it can be restored.  We can do a better job of being intentional about what we create and why.  We are committed to doing just that.

We believe that we all have an important purpose in life.  Each of us has something unique to offer and that together we can achieve great things.  Our united mission is more important than one individual journey, and its through a shared vision that we change society.

Our Story

It has been quite a journey, which began in August of 1992 when our founder was robbed and shot by a young gang initiate.    After a life-saving surgery, she began the long journey of healing.  As she tried to make sense of this heinous crime, she spent time volunteering with at-risk youth and began to recognize a culture of violence within our country.  She decided that if she wasn’t a part of the solution, she was part of the problem by default.  And so, she began searching for the answers that would heal individuals living within such normalized violence.

After working in the system for over eight years, she found evidence-based practices, attending a Motivational Interviewing training followed closely by several cognitive-behavioral intervention trainings.  She learned about the Principles of Effective Intervention and immediately connected how this recipe could work. 


Who You Are

You want to do the best job possible.  You are driven by personal and collective success, because you know that will make life more meaningful.  You take pleasure from your visions and are ready to make them a reality.  You know that if you make the best connections and collaborate with like-minded people, you will maximize your efforts.  You want to be a part of something bigger than yourself.  If you could do one thing today toward these values and goals, what would it be?